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ME016862 Fuel filter for Nissan

Product Description

The main purpose of the oil filter is to filter out impurities in the oil to ensure the cleanliness of the oil, thereby protecting the equipment and engine. The following are the specific purposes of different types of oil filters:

Oil filter: It is used to filter impurities in the engine oil and ensure the cleanliness of the engine oil, thereby reducing the wear of the engine piston movement, extending the service life of the engine, and preventing oil passages and valves from being clogged.

Fuel filter: It is used to filter impurities in gasoline and provide clean fuel to the engine. If the fuel filtration is of poor quality, the impurities in the fuel may block the small holes in the carburetor, affect engine performance, and even cause engine damage. Fuel filters are usually required replace regularly to maintain its filtration effect.

  • Commodity name: ME016862 Fuel filter for Nissan


  • Product Description

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