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27891-3DFOA Cabin filter for Nissan (Dongfeng)

Length : 260 mm
Width : 148 mm
Height : 25 mm
  • Commodity name: 27891-3DFOA Cabin filter for Nissan (Dongfeng)


  • Product Description
  • The 27891-3DFOA Cabin filter for Nissan (Dongfeng) is a 27891-3DFOA cabin filter for Nissan (Dongfeng) vehicles. This filter uses advanced technology to effectively filter dust, pollen, bacteria and harmful gases from the air inside the car. Not only that, it can also remove the odor in the car, providing passengers with a fresh and healthy driving environment.

    The 27891-3DFOA interior filter is exquisitedly designed to match the look and feel of a Nissan car while perfectly fitting into its air conditioning system. It uses high quality filter material, with good filtering effect and long service life. At the same time, it also has a high filtration efficiency, which can prevent small particles from entering the car, protecting the health of passengers.

    Installing and replacing the 27891-3DFOA in-car filters is easy and does not require any professional tools. Simply follow the steps in the instructions to complete the installation. In addition, the filter is inexpensive to maintain and only needs to be replaced regularly according to usage.

    In short, the 27891-3DFOA in-car filter is a high-performance in-car air purification device that provides a clean and healthy driving environment for Nissan (Dongfeng) vehicles. Whether in the congested traffic in the city or on a long journey, it can keep the air in the car fresh and allow passengers to enjoy a comfortable driving experience.

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