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27274-5E920-A084 Cabin filter for Nissan (Dongfeng)

Length : 263.5 mm
Width : 210 mm
Height : 21 mm
  • Commodity name: 27274-5E920-A084 Cabin filter for Nissan (Dongfeng)


  • Product Description
  • The 27274-5E920-A084 Cabin filter for Nissan (Dongfeng) is a 27274-5E920-A084 cabin filter for Nissan (Dongfeng). This filter is made of high-quality materials that effectively filter the air inside the car, keeping the air inside the car fresh and comfortable. It can effectively remove harmful substances such as dust, pollen, bacteria and odors, and provide a healthy and clean driving environment. In addition, the 27274-5E920-A084 compartment filter also has good adaptability and durability, and can be used for a long time under different environmental conditions. It is easy to install and replace, is one of the important parts of Nissan (Dongfeng) car maintenance. Whether for city driving or long distance travel, the use of the 27274-5E920-A084 compartment filter can provide drivers with a fresh and healthy air environment to enhance driving pleasure and comfort. For car owners who are concerned about the air quality inside the car, the 27274-5E920-A084 compartment filter is definitely a must-have choice.

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